Winter Weather & Your Trees: How to Protect Your Vegetation

When winter weather rolls around, keeping the trees protected from the frigid temperatures may not be the first thing on your mind but if maintaining the beauty and integrity of the landscape is important, it should be. The trees on the property need extra care to bear the cold winter temperatures and it’s up to you to ensure they do not succumb to the added winter stress.  Without this care, the trees in the lawn may not look so amazing next season and can cause a plethora of problems small and large.

What type of potential risks do your trees face in the cold winter temperatures? Temperature changes can cause the tree to experience frost cracking. This happens when temperature changes cause stress on the bark of the tree and the inner wood. This is a process known as southwest injury.  Young trees are affected since frost can cause cell walls on the tree to rupture, preventing new growth next season.  Winter drought can also cause trouble to the trees and snow can be beautiful but brutal.  Rodents may make their home in the tree as well.  Rodents eat the bark of the tree and otherwise cause massive damage that affects the structure and growth of the tree.

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So what can you do to ensure that your trees survive the harsh winter temperature in good health? It is not as difficult to keep your trees at their best as you might suspect. The best solution to tree problems is preventative maintenance services from the pros.  Regular preventative maintenance can protect your trees and their good health. They can come out to provide tree trimming service raleigh and provide many other protective services, such as wrapping the bark and using products that reduce moisture loss.