Month: March 2019

Jumps And Cups Keeping Kids And Horses Safe

Kids, as young as they are, love to play. Whether their parents, their babysitters, their minders, their teachers, or their coaches, are watching them or not, and most of the time they are, kids also need to play it safe too. A great way for kids to play is to learn and develop. Horse riding is about learning about animals, developing partnerships, building self-esteem and coming closer to nature. And in this case, the animals being approached and handled need to be safe too.

And so that’s why the kids horse jumps and cups are quite safe too. For one thing, they are so bright and colorful and cheerful, the kids and their animals would hardly miss it. It is like those orange beacons you see scattered along the roadside. The jumps and cups need to be quite visible to the young riders and their animals. Long before the kids have been harnessed to handle the horses, the horses instinctively prepare themselves for obstacles that lie ahead.

Although the jumps and cups are hardly obstacles, but the point is being made. The kids and the animals may not need to face major obstacles in their lifetimes, but you never know, at least they would be well prepared. The jumps and cups are no longer made from plastic, not like those beacons you see along the roadside. The experts, the trainers and the vets, well, they say that if the horse’s ankles clip these plastic beacons, a lot more damage is done.

kids horse jumps

The damage is already done before the horse has made contact with the jump. Because instinctively, it is relying on past experience and starts to panic. But if it is approaching a wooden jump, it will be approaching matters differently.